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2019 Towards Wellbeing Conference Thought Leadership Hub

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The Towards Wellbeing Thought Leadership Hub, powered by DLA Piper, is a resource for all delegates to use ahead, during and after conference. Speakers, sponsors and other experts have provided relevant research and white papers that can all be found in this Thought Leadership Hub.


DLA Piper is proud to be the thought leadership sponsor for the FSC and Workplace Savings New Zealand Conference 2019.

The theme ‘Towards Wellbeing’ is timely considering the government’s recent presentation of the budget. The wellbeing budget signals a new approach to how the government will work, placing the wellbeing of New Zealanders at the heart of what it does. Although hailed as a fi rst, the need for measurements beyond GDP is a commonly held view and quality of life and measurements to determine quality of life are widespread, particularly in the Nordic countries and within the European Union.

We are in the midst of a revolutionary change in societal attitudes and values in many aspects of our life.

For us at DLA Piper there are two parts to this. The first is looking after the wellbeing of our staff , their families and our communities. The second is in the work that we do each day and how that contributes to the wellbeing of our clients and customers.

The conference will focus on both of these themes.

We are in the midst of a revolutionary change in societal attitudes and values in many aspects of our life. 


What we’ve seen so far in 2019, what is to come…and how can it assist personal and fi nancial wellbeing?

Implementation of artificial intelligence has risen significantly in the last year, impacting platforms, tools and applications around the world, in fields as diverse as healthcare, retail, agriculture and more.

As an increasing number of industries begin opting for solutionsbased on machine learning, here are seven of the top AI trends that we have seen in 2019 and a prediction of what we think will come in the near future.



How effective will the financial advice reforms be?

While the coming reforms of the financial advice sector should\ improve the quality of financial advice being provided to retail customers, one of the stated purposes of the reforms is to improve access to high quality financial advice1. Financial capability has been identified as a significant factor in ensuring vulnerable people get access to good quality financial advice.




Digital Transformation has emerged as a new ‘mega-trend’ where new technologies and processes are being used to fundamentally change our way of working in insurance. The key features of Digital Transformation are that it is customer centric (simplified and user-friendly) and data driven (mining the power of mass data to gain insights).



The Wellbeing Budget 2019

Attitudes towards New Zealand’s financial markets
Investor confidence research
May 2019

He oranga mo Aotearoa:
Māori wellbeing for all

Regus' How to protect your business from catastrophe. 

Ted Talk with Amy Cuddy. Your body language may shape who you are.

2018 Edelman Trust Barometer
Financial Services Edition

Financial Capability Research and Evaluations

Bringing your whole self to work

Ted Talk on The Power of Vulnerability

Ensuring Our Future

Ted Talk by Simon Sinek
Start with why -- how great leaders inspire action

ANZ Financial Wellbeing - Survey of Adults in New Zealand

Fittest City in New Zealand. A snapshot of New Zealand's Life, Health and Wellbeing

An insight into New Zealand's Financial Services Industry from the Financial Services Council

BNZ New Zealand Wellbeing Index

IWG's Welcome to Generation Flex infographic 

Investment, KiwiSaver and Superannuation

Generation KiwiSaver - Securing the Future for Young New Zealanders

OECD's Broad policy toolkit for financial stability - Working Paper

New class authorisation coming for overseas banks' New Zealand activities

Perspectives of Institutional Investors. An input into the Investor Forum

Conditions for transitional financial advice

Putting Investment at the Heart of DC pensions

The Hayne Report - Be careful what you wish for

Kiwisaver 2050: Pathways to the future from the Frinancial Services Council

Shaping Futures - Closing the KiwiSaver Gap from the Financial Services Council

Submission to MBIE on the conduct of financial institutions

JUNO’s new Spring issue is out now, our annual Property Issue.

We talk to the experts and analyse all aspects of property investment.

Early Access to Pension Savings: International Experience and Lessons Learnt

Shot across the bow from FMA on AML CFT compliance

Delivering for customers and the economy in a rapidly changing world.

Older and wiser
Solutions to the global pension challenge

Corporate Governance series: Evaluating the relevance of shareholder primacy

Foreign Investor Perspectives and Policy Implications

Developing Coherent Pension Systems: Design Issues for Private
Pension Supplements to NDC Schemes

FMA opens consultation on new financial advice regime exemptions

Encouraging engagement through more effective member communications

Asia Region Funds Passport launched in New Zealand

Growing the KiwiSaver Pie from the Financial Services Council

KiwiSaver default provider design under review

OECD's Annual Survey of Investment Regulation of Pension Funds

Practical Lessons for Building World-class Pension Organizations

Government options to further regulate financial sector conduct

Pensions in a Globalizing World:
How Do (N)DC and (N)DB Schemes Fare and Compare on Portability
and Taxation?

Transitional financial advice provider licence applications to open in November 2019

Life Insurance

Issues Paper on Increasing Digitalisation in Insurance and its Potential Impact on Consumer Outcomes

Global Insurance Market Report 2018

Moments of Truth - Key Insights Into New Zealand Life Insurance

Asteron Life SME Insurance Index

Risking Everything
Insight into how New Zealanders manage risk

Radical change options in play for insurance contract law

Findings from an FMA and RBNZ review of conduct and culture
in New Zealand life insurers


AML Update from DLA Piper


Consumer Views of Financial Providers’ Conduct
September 2018

World Economy

ASB Quarterly Economic Forecast 

The Reserve Bank and New Zealand's economic history

ANZ's Quarterly Economic Outlook July 2019

Have the effects of monetary policy on inflation and economic activity in New Zealand changed over time?

How Close Are We To Eradicating Poverty? 

Heightened Tension, Subdued Investment


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Financial Services.

Where might we go next?

How Technology Can Make Insurance More Inclusive

FinTech Developments in the Insurance Industry

InsureTech Digital Transformation from DLA Piper

InsurTech emerging at pace
An assessment of the New Zealand InsurTech ecosystem

The Financial Services Council is a non-profit member organisation and the voice of the financial services sector in New Zealand. Our 35 members comprise 95% of the life insurance market in New Zealand, and manage funds of more than $47.5bn. Members include the major insurers in life, disability and income insurance, fund managers, KiwiSaver, professional services and technology providers to the financial services sector. Find out more at and follow us on twitter.


Workplace Savings NZ is a not-for-profit apolitical membership organisation representing the interests of employers who offer workplace retirement savings schemes, their trustees and their members, other retirement scheme managers and supervisors, retirement savings industry service providers and professional advisers. WSNZ’s membership embraces all types of retirement schemes (KiwiSaver, workplace savings and superannuation schemes) and participants who are public and corporate, union-sponsored and industry-based. Find out more at

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